The goal of beta testing is to place your application in the hands of real users outside of your own team to discover defects from the user’s perspective that you would not want to have in your final release.Beta testing concentrate on Reliability, Security, Robustness. Most of the defects and feedback are collected from Beta testing will be implemented in future versions of the application or product.Our team follow structured test plan for beta testing with predefined objectives, strategies and goals. Our professional testers provide almost similar feedback like real users. In beta testing we use our own QA team because at least tester who knows what they are doing can provide better feedback.


Our steps to perform beta testing :

  • Prepare test plan for beta testing
  • Execute Test plan
  • Log defects
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This is how beta testing helps :

  • Simulate real world scenarios
  • Reduces product failure risk via customer validation
  • Enhance product quality via end user feedback
  • Customer satisfaction
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