10 Myths about Software Testing

Testing is Too Expensive
There is a colloquialism, pay less to test software programming advancement or pay more for upkeep or correction later. Early testing spares both time and cost in numerous viewpoints, however lessening the cost without testing may bring about shameful outline of a software application rendering the item pointless.

Missed Defects are because of Testers
It is not a right way to deal with point the finger at testers for bugs that stay in the application even in the wake of testing has been performed. This myth identifies with Time, Cost, and Requirements evolving Constraints. However the test procedure may likewise bring about bugs being missed by the testing group.

Test Automation ought to be utilized wherever conceivable to Reduce Time
Yes, the reality of the matter is that Test Automation decreases the testing time, however it is impractical to begin test automation at any time during software development. Test machine ought to be begun when the software has been manually tested and is steady to some degree. In addition, test automation can never be utilized if requirements continue evolving.

Testers get involved ONLY post development in the project life cycle

• This is one of the greatest myths. On the off chance that it is a reality, the project has numerous issues.
• Including QA at a later stage is a major hazard to quality and the calendar of the expectations.
• Testers require an indistinguishable measure of time from developer. This is to comprehend the necessities, analyze gaps, prepare their deliverables, plan and execute tests.
• If testers are included at the later phase of the project then they depend on the developers understanding and tail it while testing the product.
• Instead, a test group must have their own particular attitude, understanding, investigation, time, and association from the earliest starting point.

Testers will not become Project Managers
Many think that if you are a tester, you do not have a career growth in the management side. But both are mutually exclusive. To be a manager you need to acquire skills like people management, cost management, time management, etc. As you can see this has nothing to do with Testing, Development or anything else technical.
The PM skills must be produced independently and anybody in this world having a place with any innovation or stream can do that. In this way, being an tester does not empower or hinder project management interests. It is an autonomous field and anybody with an unmistakable fascination can make it.

People with weak coding skills are assigned to testing
The most well-known myth about being an tester is that tester are bad coders. Actually, testing includes coding as well, as a rule.
• Testers do compose complex SQL inquiries to approve information or to make test information if there should be an occurrence of ETL testing/data validation.
• Testers do change over the code written in one DB to another on account of relocation testing.
• For automation testing, it is required to write scripts in JAVA/Perl or other coding languages.

Testing is clicking indiscriminately puts
• It is a common perception that testing is just clicking on UI randomly and tracking details in excel or other documents.
• The truth is that tester perform extremely all around characterized test project to guarantee that the UI/APP is working in exceptional cases too. Thus, the vision numbers.
• Since a client does not have limits on what they may or may not be able to, the same goes for testers. This is the reason it is critical to investigate the UI, which may look like loads of irregular snaps. Just we testers realize that there is a strategy to this fractiousness.

Testing is just documentation/filling excel sheets
• Initially, let me emphatically say this, documentation is an occupation of everybody taking a shot at a project. An exact, finish and precise report gives an establishment and historical confirm about the project.
• Nonetheless, for testers, documentation is more essential in light of the fact that the deliverable we make is not a program or module, but rather it is guaranteed quality which takes a strong shape through ancient rarities. MS Office suite is the go-to decision for most groups yet to take it to the following level, utilize test management software.

Testers have low pay scale
In the event that this is occurring to an tester then he/she is at the wrong place and may need to consider a change. Having said that, pay relies upon a great deal of elements and to state that being an tester is the ONLY reason why you will be paid less, it’s not valid.

Developer can do testing
In real developer testing is far unique in relation to software testing testing. Developer testing is feeble on account of their absence of objectivity. For developer it is elusive bugs which tester can find effortlessly. Mentality of tester and developer are distinctive and that is the reason developer can’t do powerful testing.

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